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EFCC Cannot Investigate Or Prosecute Judges – Appeal Court

Court of Appeal just delivered a well researched judgment, which they anchored on the separation of power between the three arms of government in the matter Hon. Justice Ngajiwa vs. FRN.

They said EFCC does not have power to investigate and prosecute serving judicial officers without first being dismissed by NJC

That serving judicial officers can only be prosecuted for offences like murder, stealing etc done outside the discharge of their duties. That once the offence was committed in the discharge of their duties, they must be tried by NJC first and dismissed before EFCC can investigate or prosecute them.

The implication of this ruling is far reaching. It means that cases of Fishim, Ajumogobia will be thrown out by the trial court.

The judiciary tactically used this judgment to arm twist EFCC, by this judgment no more investigation of judges on criminal conduct perpetrated in the course of discharging their duties without the judge first being investigated and dismissed or retired by the NJC.