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Nigerian Ports Incapable To Accommodate Big Ships —Hull Blyth Boss

Christian Holm, Managing Director of Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited on Thursday ,stated that Nigeria seaports lack capacity to handle bigger vessels as a result of infrastructure decay.

Holm dropped the hint during his submission at an Ad-Hoc Committee of House of Representatives inquiring into under utilisation of Eastern ports that modern ports infrastructure can attract cargoes there.

Mr. Blyth said ports in the country are far from being modernised and incapable of accommodating bigger vessels and process cargoes in good time.

According to him,poorly developed ports will attract smaller vessels and increase cost of shipping.

While harping on the issues surrounding security in the country the Hull Blyth boss added that maritime policing has been compromised on Nigeria’s Territorial waters over time due to incessant piracy and sea robbery attacks.

While commending the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) for its recently introduced ten percent charges reduction for users of eastern ports, Blyth added that more of such incentives will attract shippers and cargoes considering the high costs incurred due to distance, insurance and fueling.

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August 16, 2019