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Muazu Jaji Sambo is a boss anybody would like to have. His grasp of the Industry is amazing and dont forgot we are talking about an Industry man, having been around previously. Don’t forget that he had stint at the Nigerian Ports Authority, while he spent a longer time at the National Inland Waterways Authority, NIWA . So for us at NIWA, he is one of our own.

Here is a boss who does not privatize his achievements as if it was a solo effort, he is certainly a team player and believes that the accolades should go to the entire team. But the truth still remains that he’s a good boss who is always appreciative.

He listens to you, he is willing to hear you out, willing to assist to make sure you succeed. He’s somebody, who from my knowledge of him, sees every success as a collective effort,not neccasarily about him. So ,for him, it’s not the spirit to personalise any achievement,he sees everybody as contributing one thing or the other to make sure that we succeed.

His passion for the industry is unequivocal, this is the good thing about having somebody who has passion and you will see the commitment, you see the determination to improve on what he met on ground. He wants to leave a legacy and he values friendship. For me that is very critical. Somebody who values friendship, who respects you, not minding that he’s the boss ,who still respects you. He still believes that you have something to contribute. He sees you as part of a collective. It’s not about him. So in a nutshell, he’s a great guy, somebody I like to work with anyday.

HIS LEGACIES AT NIWA. In such a short time he has done quite well. Whatever we may have achieved today in NIWA,he gave us the needed support. Working with this minister of State is another great guy. And then the Permanent Secretary, and all the directors working with all of them as a team, he gave us all the support. There is no way we can talk about what we have achieved in NIWA , especially when he came on board without mentioning Muazu Sambo . He supported us, He gave us all the support and encouragement. Where it requires him to talk to higher authority on our behalf, it doesn’t hesitate to do that .He says to me all the time “George, whatever I can do to make sure that NIWA keeps improving, I will be glad to do it”. And that has been his mantra. I’m sure the same thing extends to other agencies under his watch