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INTELS collected naira bills in dollars— Stakeholders

As Nigerians await patiently for the outcome of the lucrative boat pilotage contract which INTELS monopolized for almost two decades, more facts have emerged on how the Logistics giants fraudulently ripped off Nigerian importers.

Chief Reginald Amadi ,the Spokesman for the Edo/ Delta chapter if the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents revealed that was wrong for INTELS to collect dollar payments for local transactions.

He said , ” I think INTELS got into trouble because they went beyond the brief of the agreement, they took things for granted. I think NPA just found out that INTELS was deviating from its obligations and decided to wield the big stick’, he said. Chief Amadi said it was not true that 11,000 jobs would be lost if INTELS lost the contract insisting there were other competent local logistics companies that would take their place.