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The news is heavy and weighs down the heart. But e give thanks to a creator deserving of our gratitude.

My friend Ferdinand Agu crossed over with no notice, no time for a wrap-up, let alone say goodbye.

Ferdinand was a class act. Gifted with a clear head and profound in erudition.

Those who came out to see the architect as technician found themselves before a poet and philosopher king.

As DG of NMA (NIMASA), he turned to a few of us for the template for change.

As a neighbor on Ilabere, he walked across in lamentation when shocking things like the line up of candidates for Governor in Imo appeared in 2010. He was not from Imo, but his essence sorrowed for the people of that state.

What a loss. May the Angels of God the most high escort him into paradise.

Prof Pat Utomi.

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