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We no Gree on Coastal High Way from Lagos only: Obong of Calabar Wants Execution From Both Ends, Commends Tinubu

Abasi Otu, Obong of Calabar

The Obong of Calabar Executive Forum, OCEF, which is an advisory and executive arm of the Palace of the Obong of Calabar has called on the federal government to start the construction of the Calabar-Lagos highway simultaneously.

They said this would abridge the project delivery time and reduce risks associated with inflation.

At a press briefing in the palace of Obong of Calabar on Friday, the OCEF advised the federal government to engage many engineers and competent road construction contractors for the project.

They commended the Tinubu administration, describing the project as the single largest-ever infrastructure development in Nigeria.

Chairman of the OCEF, Gershom Henshaw, said the coastal highway is a strategic national infrastructure that will transform the economic landscape of the nine states which the road project will traverse.

They used the opportunity to remind the federal government to complete the Adiabo Bridge which was started by the late General Sani Abacha’s government to connect the state to Akwa Ibom State, saying the project has reached 70 per cent, and should not be forgotten.

Similarly, he reminded the government about the East-West Road, saying it would massively impact South-South and South-Eastern states.