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MD of NPA, Bello Koko

The League of MARITIME Editors and Publishers has unequivocally condemned the invasion of some shipping companies by officials of the Federal Committee on Compition and Consumer Protection.
The officials aided by heavily armed police and army personnel, invaded the premises of shipping companies via COSCO , HULLBLYTH, OMA/CGM, LANSAL and HAPOD LYOD and unleashed mayhem on the company and its staff.

Reports have it that personal effects of the staff such as phones were seized by the government officials while the staff were held hostage for hours.
The harsh action must be roundly condemned by all well meaning Nigerians.
Though we are not against government officials exercising their statutory responsibilities but such acts must be done responsibly.

We believe that laid down procedures must be adhered to, in the process of executing such responsibilities, else the gains will be lost.
This mode of harassing companies and their staff must stop,, because if not well handled, it negates the growth of business environment.
Therefore, this ignominious act of government officials should be roundly condemned.
While we encourage government officials to step up the tempo in their enforcement process, we appeal that extreme caution should be exercised in order not to negate the current democratic dispensation.

Nigerian Shippers’ Council officials have denied knowledge of this heinous act but LOMEP hereby appeals to whichever arm of the government that is culpable in this ignoble act to thread softly because this is a democratic dispensation.
This type of work place invasion should be discouraged.