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Just In: Maritime Security Alert! Stolen Crude Oil Vessel MT PRAISEL in Custody

Tanita Security Services Operatives Intercept Vessel Loaded with Stolen Crude Oil Tanita Security Services operatives have intercepted a vessel loaded with crude oil suspected to be stolen.

The vessel, MT PRAISEL, was being escorted by a Navy boat led by Cdr Samuel Samba Musa. However, the Tantita operatives stood their ground with the backing of the NSA and the CNS and have taken the suspicious vessel into custody.

The incident occurred on August 2, 2023, in the koko area of Delta State. The Tantita operatives were conducting a routine patrol when they spotted the vessel.

The vessel was flying a Togolese flag, but the operatives had intelligence that it was carrying stolen crude oil. When the Tantita operatives attempted to board the vessel, they were met with resistance from the Navy boat.
Cdr Musa threatened to deal decisively with the Tantita operatives, but they refused to back down.

The NSA and the CNS were eventually contacted, and they gave the Tantita operatives the authorization

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