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We Are Now at the Critical Point of Amnesty Program….Barry Ndiomu

The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme,(PAP) Gen Barry Ndiomu,

The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme,(PAP) Gen Barry Ndiomu, took a retrospective look at the PAP and concluded that the program was now at the most critical moment.

Gen Ndiomu who spoke exclusively with Shipping World magazine, said no Amnesty program was not worth its time and resources if it failed in re integration of its beneficiaries by providing them with working tools as well as job creation.

The PAP which was proclaimed by late President Umaru Musa Yaradua in June, 2009 was fashioned along the US model of dimilitarizaton, demobilization and reintegration,DDR. Speaking with Shipping World in his office in Abuja, Ndiomu confirmed that while the double “D” aspect of the scheme has been successful completed, his administration is now focused on the most aspect of the scheme which is the reintergration of ex agitators into society.

Towards this end, he explained that a revolving cooperative loan scheme has been established with a seed money of N1.5b to help beneficiaries establish trades of their choice.

The PAP helmsman also revealed that the initial N1.5b seed money will be supported with an additional monthly funding of N500m depending on the response from beneficiaries of the scheme. Gen Ndiomu has also sought the cooperation of relevant employment agencies to open their doors for no fewer than 350 graduates of who he said made excellent grades in their fields of study.

Ndiomu said the PAP had opened discussions with Southern African and French authorities on the possibility of re training about 75 pilots and aircraft engineers who on completion of their training would be absorbed by some local Airlines in Nigeria. He said the sum of N1.5b has been budgeted for this project and that this retraining became imperative as most of them had gotten rusty having graduated almost ten years ago

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